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Muscle Pump Sisters reunited again . . . Colette Guimond and Maryse Manios . . . both just finished competing the night before in the 2012 Tampa Pro Competitions and are enjoying each others' hard, ripped physiques and worshipping their peaked muscles. See their tanned, striatted legs with separations from hell, enjoy their peaked hard biceps posing for you, the girls go topless and there is some serious pec bouncing from each woman.

Then Maryse is on the floor worshipping Cole'ttes incredible glutes from hell!! Betcha wish it was you in Maryse's place! Two of the thickest Muscular women out there today and ripped at the same time . . . Maryse and Colette show you their hot tanned muscles and get into each others' ripped muscles at the same time.

Stripping down to total buffness they show you what they are all about and I'm sure you would love to be there right with them!!



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