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Muscle Foxx and Ms. Xtreme Muscle together for the first time in a video and boy oh boy are they dynamite!!! From the first moment of this video you know this is going to be an explosive time with these awesome muscle chickx! From bicep posing, to leg flexing, to topless worship, pec bouncing, lap muscle worship and muscle kissing . . . they are very exciting to watch and see how they worship each others' muscles.

They each take turns perfoming various lifts n carries on each other, butt cheek to butt cheek it's pretty amazing! Some great arm wrestling with both womens' biceps popping and then it's Muscle Foxx carrying Ms. Xtreme Muscle to bed for some very intimate muscle fun.

Talk about a muscle clittie eating marathon! Well that's exactly what the Foxx does to Ms Xtreme Muscle. Up close footage of great pussy eating, with that Huge Muscle Clittie growing bigger from each lick of the Foxx!

Finally Ms Xtreme Muscle shows the Foxx how to get her clit to grow bigger by telling and showing her how to yank it and pull on it, technique that you just have to watch and appreciate!!!



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