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It's a fact that Colette Guimond has some awesome hard muscular pecs. But have you seen them when she is preparing for a competition? They are un-fucking believable!! Mountains of rock hard muscles, bouncing and balancing cans and lifting her friend Lynn in the air. They are sooooooo deep and you can hurt your hands just trying to pound on them. Watch her in an incredible display of Pectoral Muscle Mountains!!! Colette is getting rready for the Tampa Pro in August this year. She is at her coach's house for some pre-contest prep and overal condition checking. She walks into the room with grandeur and muscles popping all over the place! She then gives her coach some poses and performs some donkey calf raises where she pumps up her calves even more so that every vein is popping. Then she flexes her rock hard pecs and wow!!! It's a sight to behold!!



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