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Ashlee is alone at home having some great naked fun with her wine bottle, drinking wine and masturbating profusely. But there is something missing . . . she wants company . . . female company that is . . . and it has to be a big Muscle Girl with a Big Giant Clit!

So she calls up the Muscle Bombs Plus agency and orders a Big Giant Clit girl to come over for some fun. She then put on her orange and black Halloween garb and waits for her date.

A knock on the door in a few and in walks the biggest, most muscular girl Ashlee has ever seen in a green see-thru fishnet dress! Wow! Ashlee can't believe her eyes. She touches Ms. Extreme Muscle's biceps, calves and chest, then gives her some wine and sits her down on the couch where she proceeds to enjoy this awesome Muscle Girl's incredible physique.

The magic starts building between the two women. It's all about clits . . . muscle clits . .. big muscle clits!!!

Both Ashlee and Ms. Extreme Muscle are having a blast showing off their BIG clitss! Ashlee can't keep her hands and mouth off of Ms. Extreme Muscle's Big Giant Clit!

Watch how she sucks it just like a little dick! And the girls retire from the couch to the bed where the clit worship gets even deeper and more Extreme!! Big Clit sucking , Big Clit fucking . . .it's outrageous! Awesome footage of one of a kind Clit Fest!!!



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