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Classic Miss MuscleXtreme
Pound for pound one of the MOST muscular, one of the seXXXiest and one of the strongest bodybuilders that has ever graced the stage, we take a look back at some Classic Miss MuscleXtreme.

Muscle Vixen - seXXXy Feet
Muscle Vixen is by far one of the seXXXiest women on the planet. She is also one of the most demanding and Dominant as well. She truly enjoys muscle worship, especially on her legs, biceps and tight muscular ass. But first, you need to start by worshiping her sexy feet!

Monster Clit & Muscle
Miss MuscleXtreme packs more muscle into her 5'1 frame than most men a foot taller than her. You know what else she packs? A monster clit....she's going to measure it for you and show you just how tiny YOU ARE!

Muscle & Clit
She may only be 5'1, but Miss MuscleXtreme is one of the most muscular women you will ever see. Pound for pound, no one packs on the muscle like she does. Thick arms and legs, a wide back and enormous pecs. All that and a gigantic clit to boot.

Heavy Lifts
How does Miss MuscleXtreme get to be so thick and strong? By lifting tons and tons of weight each and every workout. Think you can keep up or would you rather watch and fantasize?

Miss Diva Pretty In Pink
Miss Diva is not only muscular, she's seXXXy, seductive and alluring. Today she's showing off in some sexy unmentionables, DAMN she is downright pretty in pink!

Muscle Diva - Classic Female Bodybuilder
She's big, she's thick, she's powerful, she's sexy and she's a classic. Who might you ask? Miss Diva of course.

Bulging Clit
Miss MuscleXtreme is well known for her massively, thick muscles. But you may not be aware of another one of her claims to fame. Would you like to give her a hand satisfying her ENORMOUS, BULGING CLIT?

Bulging Muscle
Miss MuscleXtreme may only be 5'1, but she's got some of the most impressive, thick, powerful legs in bodybuilding. And they go right up and make a perfect and complete ass of themselves. An ass that is truly worthy of your worship and adoration.

Big Pecs, Big Clit
Miss MuscleXtreme knows what you like, so sit back, relax and enjoy yourself as you watch her flex those thick, powerful pecs and play with that enormous, hard clit.

Nadia And Miss Muscle Extreme
Coffee and and white...ying and yang.....whatever way you see Nadia and Miss MuscleXtreme get downright naughty. You won't believe how well Nadia sucks giant clits.

It's Hot In Here
It's not just hot in's hot everywhere when Miss MuscleXtreme get's together with one of her girlfriends. You just never know what's going to happen. These 2 incredibly sexy, thick, muscular beauties hold nothing back as they mesmerize you with an erotic dance and sensual teasing.